MOUNT MORRIS – A non-profit organization, Livingston County Children’s Protective Association (LCCPA), presented the Livingston County Department of Social Services with a check for $2,000 at the Association’s recent monthly meeting.

The check is a donation to the DSS Summer Camp Fund which assists children who would benefit from a summer camp experience but who are not in foster care or receiving temporary assistance benefits from DSS.

The Children’s Protective Association has donated to the Summer Camp Fund for over a decade. LCCPA is funded strictly by private donations. It helps those who do not qualify for assistance from county or state agencies and gives help to children and their families in many forms of assistance such as food, clothing, education, utilities, housing and transportation.

The Department of Social Services’ Summer Camp Program is coordinated with locally owned and operated camps and offered by DSS to children in foster care, receiving temporary assistance, or who benefit from the Camp Fund donations. The Camp Fund counts on private contributions such as those from the Children’s Protective Association. According to Steve Rapp, Senior Caseworker for Livingston County DSS, the overall benefit of the Summer Camp Program is to ensure that underprivileged or economically disadvantaged children receive the same opportunity to attend summer camp as other children.

Established in 1918, the Livingston County Children’s Protective Association predates the county Social Services agency and has a long history of assisting families and their children. In fact, a very early contribution by the LCCPA allowed the fledgling Livingston County Social Services Department to buy its first automobile for agency workers.

LCCPA meets monthly during the year. For more information or a brochure showing meeting times and speakers, contact Sue Rauber at 607-545-8632 or Betsy Sullivan at 585-354-4191.