DANSVILLE — The poets create a community amongst themselves that causes a ripple effect of inspiration.


George Guida, of Long Island, came to talk about a few poets that continue to inspire him at Dansville ArtWorks on June 8.


Guida spoke of Sean Thomas Dougherty, Frank O’Hare, and those we lost, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.


“We have had some celebrity deaths recently that really moved me. I don’t usually follow this kind of stuff,” he said. “Anthony Bourdain had a lot of soul, and he campaigned to save the National Poetry Series.”


“Kate Spade was a fashion designer, and she died too young as well,” Guida continued. “She had a great sense of humor and loved Frank O’Hare. Frank O’Hare is one of the my favorite poets too.”


Guida explained poetry in a way that everyone could understand it.


“The thing you want to express is the tenor, and the finding the deeper meaning is the vehicle,” he said. “Sean is really good at expressing this in his poems.”


Guida read aloud a couple of his fellow poet, Dougherty, poems to the crowd. Afterwards he read some of his own from a new book he is working on.


“A lot of poets say that if your write 100 poems only about 40 of them are worth publishing,” he said. “My new book has the title 'In a Time Where The Ghosts Are Alive' for now. A lot of my poems have a haunted theme.”


Guida is also working on a few other book ideas, such as operas, pop music, and police in America.


Being an Italian American who was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, the author of eight books, mostly poems, knows the bustle and struggle that comes from the big apple.


New York City College of Technology English and Creative Writing Professor George Guida writes thought-provoking poems on the struggle and observations of the world around him. He also writes short stories, critical essays, reviews, and is working on a fictional novel called The Carrying Place. He also edits a magazine called 2 Bridges Review.


Guida said he has been publishing poems and short stories since 1988, and as a professor he is required to publish essays for educational journals.


However, his first book of poems was published in 2003 called Peasant and the Pen. His books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Dansville Artworks, and anywhere else books are sold.