Livingston County District Attorney Gregory McCaffrey reported a guilty plea after the arrest of Brock M. Hyde of Nunda for reckless assault of a child, and second-degree assault.

Hyde plead guilty to both charges the day before his trial was to commence in Livingston County Court before Honorable Robert Wiggins. He now faces maximum consecutive sentence of seven years for each offense, a total of 14 years with the New York State Department of Corrections. He may receive 10 years of post-release supervision as a second violent felony offender.

The charges stem from an incident around the end of November and beginning of December last year. Hyde fractured the skull and ribs of an 11-week-old child. Hyde admitted to slamming the child against a hard surface, which caused serious physical injury to the child’s brain, and intentionaly fractured the child’s ribs. The child also suffered retinal hemmoraging, extra fluid around the brain, and chronic subdural hematoma.

The case was prosectuted by DA Gregory McCaffrey, with collaborative investigation conducted by Nunda Police department, New York State Police, REACH program, Strong Memorial Hospital, and Livingston County Child Protection Services.

“The injuries he inflicted upon a defenseless child represent a despicable act, and the injury of an 11-week-old child is one of the most heinous crimes a person can commit,” McCaffrey said. “He brutally assaulted this young child, and the severity of these injuries will have to be monitored for years to come. These cowardly acts warrant every day of a potential 14 year max sentence.”

Hyde is at the Livingston County Jail without bail and will return for sentencing at Aug. 7.