DANSVILLE — The Summer Exhibit is now being showcased at the local art center.


Dansville ArtWorks has local artists showing their work from June 1 until July 28.


Tony Tremblay, of Sparta said that he got into making these kinds of boxes for his grandkids a few years back.


“I saw they were looking for artists online, and wanted to get my stuff in for this year,” he said. “I started making these boxes for my grandkids a few years ago.”


Tremblay said it feels good being part of the local art gallery.


“I do some photography as well, but I enjoy doing the boxes more,” he said. “They are all wood burned and hand colored with pencils.They are busy boxes for someone who collects fairies, or is into all kinds of creative things.”


Syrena Carver said she always enjoyed watching Bob Ross paint on television when she was a kid.


“My very first introduction into painting came from watching Bob Ross as a kid,” she said. “I started getting into painting as an adult. It all started with a space mural I painted on my son’s bedroom wall.”


Carver’s paintings in this exhibit include a spiritual one, dragon one, and a fairy one.


“There is a church inspired one waiting for Jesus to return,” she said. “I like my dragon one with him in the medieval times. I like my fairy butterfly girl that goes with the fairy theme in Dansville.”


Jeff Miller said he loves doing the Dansville Balloon Festival.


“Being in Dansville we know the balloon festival is a huge part of the community,” he said. “I would like to do more paintings on the balloons.”


Miller finds these kinds of paintings to be a challenge, but he really enjoys doing them.


Alioto, Miller, Tremblay, Carver, Cook, and FLAVOR Studio are all part of this year’s Summer Exhibit.