BATH — Two important surveys now are available online to help Steuben County Cornell Cooperative Extension meet the needs of Steuben farmers. The surveys' deadlines recently have been changed from June 1 to June 15 to give farmers more time to participate.

The surveys, which includes Allegany, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties, are:

The "Farmer Needs Survey" will provide information for future CCE programs. The needs survey asks farmers from all backgrounds and experience levels to identify specific needs, favored resources and ways to provide information. "Farmer Needs Survey" is located at

The "Commercial Kitchen Survey" looks at interest in an important element of the Steuben

County Farmland Protection Plan and seeks input on opening a certified Commercial Kitchen for farmers in Steuben and other counties to safely produce and sell value-added products.

A part of a proposed "food hub" in Steuben, the commercial kitchen will allow local farmers to collect, process, and distribute their products to institutional purchasers in the area, such as hospitals, school districts, and universities. In addition, it will help Steuben farmers and those the surrounding region meet future USDA guidelines that encourage consumption of fruits and vegetables by improving the supply and accessibility of fresh produce in the area.

The kitchen will serve Steuben and other counties, and is located at

For questions and other information, call 607-664-2301.