WAYLAND — The Village of Wayland has been awarded $974,000 in grant funding and another $4,696,000 in loans by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development to address needed water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades.

Rural Development investments will be used to construct a 1-million-gallon glass-lined steel storage tank, which will replace the existing painted steel tank. The new tank will have similar dimensions and operational levels as the existing tank.

The project also involves improvements to the existing distribution system by upgrading system-wide water mains and adding two Master Meter Vaults on the village/townline. The master meters will be used to read the amount of water the Village in pumping into the town. These improvements will assist in tracking the water loss in the existing system and assist in developing a plan to address the water loss in the town.

The Village of Wayland's 1,865 residents, the town of Wayland's 107 residents and one bulk user will benefit from the improvements, along with some of the town residents who obtain water from the village