DANSVILLE — Some new things are happening in the community over the summer.


The Dansville Chamber of Commerce held its monthly meeting on May 7 to discuss the good news items in the community.


President Barry Haywood talked about three new businesses, Dansville Water Systems, K’s Canine Training Services, and the Battle Street Brewery all being welcomed to the area.


Wentworth Motors is having its 10th Annual Car Show on June 2 and right around the bend is the 52nd Annual Dogwood Festival. This year’s theme is “The Wild, Wild West” and it runs from May 14 to May 20. There will be a lot more events at this year’s festival. One being the grand opening of Battle Street Brewery on Saturday, May 19 at 2 p.m.


Haywood mentioned that students from Keshequa Central will be coming down to help the American Red Cross in Dansville on May 23 for United Way’s Day of Caring. There is also a lot of archives being transferred to the Dansville location from one of the Rochester buildings.


Bill Bacon, Livingston County Economic Development executive director, talked about putting in a request for a Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) grant by June 1. This grant would focus on downtown Dansville. It would bring in $10 million if granted to Dansville.


“This year we are going to focus on investing in the village of Dansville. The first year we tried to do it countywide, but was disqualified. The next year we tried to do it in downtown Geneseo. We didn’t get the grant both times,” he said. “We feel Dansville has a much better opportunity. We will all be working together.”


Bacon added if the village gets the grant they can use it to transform the landscape of downtown. Haywood will be writing up a letter to go with the request.


A lot has to happen before the community can get involved with the process, and first the chamber wants to focus on requesting the grant.


If the Dansville community gets the grant it would not be used for things like the Castle on the Hill or King’s Daughters Home. These historic buildings are outside of the required area.


“They love when you use these grants for redevelopment of an old building. We have a lot of work to do in a month to put this request together,” Bacon said. “We have had about $750,000 so far invested into downtown, so imagine what we could do with $10 million. It is a wonderful opportunity.”


Several other downtowns have already done wonders to transfer their community, such as Watkins Glen, Batavia, Olean, Jamestown, and Oswego.


Dr. Michael Donegan, Noyes Health Diagnostics and Rehab Therapy director said the hospital is getting an UR Medicine Neurologist for the first time in many years.


Amy Churchfield, Genesee Community College in Dansville associate dean said that graduation is coming up, and any eager high school students can start free summer classes.


North Dansville Supervisor Dennis Mahus said that they hired three new employees for the Greenmount Cemetery, and the roads are being sweeped.


Dansville Mayor Peter Vogt said they are clearing all of the limbs and brush from the bad winter, and they borrowed the Mount Morris sweeper to do the roads before Dogwood Festival.

The next Dansville Chamber of Commerce meeting is June 4 at 7:30 a.m.