DANSVILLE — The historic downtown community welcomed another business to the area.


K’s Canine Training Services held its grand opening on April 25 with Dansville Mayor Peter Vogt, Barry Haywood, Dansville Chamber of Commerce president, and Laura Lane, Livingston County Chamber of Commerce president.


Haywood mentioned how he came across Kaylee Lohrmann, K’s Canine Training Services owner.


“I can recall a few weeks ago I am sitting at the window in Sugar Bowl having a latte, and I saw a couple out front walking up and down the street. They seemed to look confused, so I went out and asked if I could do something to help them,” Haywood said. “They came and had a cup of coffee with me, and told me they were looking for a storefront. At that time they were down two nights a week at Tractor Supply. I offered my help from the chamber to see if the store was available, and gave them my phone number. “


Haywood was very impressed by the passion Lohrmann showed in Dansville.


“The thing that impressed me so much was her obvious passion for this service. What has impressed me since then is your commitment to Dansville. She attends our chamber of commerce meetings at 7:30 a.m. She does not hesitate to speak up. She also participates in our marketing and communications meetings,” he said. “She found out I was the chairman of the Dogwood Festival and asked if she could help there. I told her she could take over the Pet Parade, but she asked what else could she do. I think that says an awful lot about her. We wish you well. We know because you are passionate you are going to make this work.”


Vogt offered his gratitude to having a new business invest in downtown.


“On behalf of the village I truly want to welcome you downtown. Over the years a lot of time, effort, and money has been put into the downtown area,” he said. “It is great to see stores filled with business. Who can’t love a dog? Thank you very much for having your business in Dansville. We wish you well.”


Lohrmann has put her whole heart and soul into giving dogs a chance for a forever home.


“I want to thank the town for stepping up and helping me get in here. It was quite the process. I want to thank my husband for helping me get in here. I want to thank my sister and my aunt for always babysitting when I wasn’t able to have a location,” she said. “I am really excited to help keep dogs out of shelters. I want to help people in need with their service animals. I am excited to get a program started with the school. I hope we can keep dogs in a forever home.”


K’s Canine Training Services is currently partnering up with Dansville Central School, Rescue Pups in Friendship, and Susie Q Dog Resq in Conesus.


Rescue Pups owner Lisa Hitchcock has been doing this for three years now out of her home, and she finds it rewarding to help these animals.


“There is an overspill of dogs at the humane society, so I take the puppies. I have a home-based rescue, so they are not kept in cages. They get to go out and socialize. It helps prepare them for a family home.”


Hitchcock only adopts the puppies out to people who understand the breed. She had several eight-week-old Jack Russells at the grand opening that were a huge hit with the locals.


Hitchcock’s love for rescuing dogs came when she was a young girl and went to the SPCA with her grandmother.


“Even when I was little I wanted to help dogs,” she said. “I have a home on the mountain, so it is a perfect place for them to rest and play. I treat them like family.”


Susie Q Dog Resq owner Sue Mahoney said that her love for rescue came after volunteering for animal rescue after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.


“It was there I met a little puppy that was found in the rubble on the streets, and I couldn’t leave without her,” she said. “Upon returning home I knew that saving animals is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”


Mahoney makes sure everyone who fills out an application is a good match for their animals.


“I have rescued almost 1,200 dogs in the 12 years I have done this,” she said. “We take all different kinds of dogs. They are all up to date on their shots.”


Dansville Central Special Ed teacher Carrie Koepf said after she got a yellow lab puppy for Christmas she came to Lohrmann with an idea.


“I wanted to start doing therapy with my dog,” she said. “I talked with Kaylee and she was so passionate about it that I wanted to work with her. Everyone is on board with me doing dog therapy at the school.”


Koepf still has a little ways to go before the dog will be ready for the classroom, but she is looking forward to what the dog can provide for the students.


“They are great to have around the kids,” she said. “The kids can read to them and talk to them when they are shy or having a bad day. There are a couple of other teachers that want to do this in their classroom.”


Koepf said that the school needs to have their own policy written up, and go through a process to make this happen.


“I teach summer school and I wanted to have Mazi ready for that class,” she said. “They are half days, so it will be shorter and easier on her. The benefit to the school will be worth all of the hardwork.”


K’s Canine Training Services offers public and private lessons; puppy lessons on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. to learn all about your puppy, and the different training techniques; obedience classes on Thursdays at 6 p.m. to help all dogs on the path to successful training; and working on walking on Saturdays at 10 a.m. to learn about heeling and walking loosely on lead.


There is open training available on Mondays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The business is located at 138 Main Street in Dansville.They can be reached at 585-613-8725.

Rescue Pups can be found on Facebook at Rescue Pup 585 and be reached at 585-466-1964.

Susie Q Dog Resq can be found at www.susieqdogresq.com