DANSVILLE — An email went out to parents talking about a rumored threat to the school over the week.


The threat was alleged to be made for Friday, and this caused many parents to keep their children home from school.


The email from the school district claimed that a rumor had been made about an alleged threat to the school. An investigation by local law enforcement and the school administration found the rumor was unfounded.


Dansville Superintendent Paul Alioto sent out a statement on the Dansville Central Facebook on Friday morning.


"Rumors on social media: There was a rumor of potential violence to occur on campus. The rumor was investigated and unfounded. At the same time, there is a news story about a non-specific threat in another district. Exchanges on social media combined the unfounded rumor in Dansville with the news story in another district," he wrote. "Furthermore, a photo of a written threat on a bathroom wall has been circulated on social media. That photo is not from any bathroom in any of our schools here in Dansville. There is no evidence to suggest a threat in Dansville. Please call the superintendent with any questions."


To reach the school for any concerns and questions is 585-335-4000.