DANSVILLE — In an effort to face future challenges in a proactive manner, the Village of Dansville Board of Trustees, during its regular meeting April 16, approved to send out Request for Proposals (RFPs) to find an agency that can help develop a capital improvement plan.

“Pretty much everything we're doing now is reactive, and we have got to come up with something that's proactive,” Mayor Peter Vogt told The Express the following morning. He paraphrased a quote he heard at a Rotary Club convention in Atlanta, Ga. last year. “Status quo is like holding your breath. If you're successful, you're not going to be successful.”

He said the 2018-19 village budget, which was approved that same night and goes into effect June 1, has remained virtually unchanged this year so the Village can better forecast improvement spending around an orderly plan.

Since the RFP is a bidding process to find an agency to develop the plan, it's too early to know exactly what the plan would look like. Generally speaking, the capital plan would likely focus on upgrading infrastructure, and Village-owned buildings and equipment over the course of several years. It also likely consider shared services. To develop the plan, the agency would take a close look at the Village's needs, then prioritize what to do, how to do it, how much it would cost, and where to find the funding sources.

With a plan in place, Mayor Vogt feels the Village would be more competitive in attaining grants for those projects. He also said that projects already initiated would continue during the planning process.

In addition to the capital plan, the mayor is looking at updating an annual in-house strategic plan for the Village and its departments in the coming months.

The Village is also undergoing a sewer inflow and infiltration survey, which will help determine where unwanted “clean” groundwater flowing into the sewer plant is coming from so it can be deterred. The mayor said that unnecessarily treating clean water is costing the Village additional money and joked, “that's just money going down the sewer.” He said that since the water filtration system is old, it's possible there are leaks getting into the sewer system or cross connections happening.

To help determine the source of some of these problems, as well as others, the Village has hired MRB Group to conduct a Geographic Information System (GIS) survey to identify all of the underground infrastructure so the Village can have a detailed map and can find easy access for repairs.