DANSVILLE — The latest Dansville Artworks exhibit evokes memories of springtime at the art center.


The Dansville ArtWorks held its open house for “Spring Awakening” on April 6.


Many of the artists took their outlook on the season and put it on a canvas.


Leanne Brewer said she has been enjoying capturing these images with her camera.


“I feel like I still have lots to learn, but the other artists give me inspiration,” she said.


Brewer commented on the meaning of her three photos on display.


“The tree was a big surprise as I sat on a bench in SUNY Geneseo,” she said. “I saw this tree and all I could think was it is mighty, old, and has stood the test of time.”


The one on Conesus Lake awakens Brewer’s love for a place to sit and enjoy nature.


“I took a trip with my photography group,” she said about the third photo. “I had a few angles of it, but this one took on so much beauty.”


Terry Finch had his first experience featuring his art at Dansville ArtWorks.


“I have always enjoyed writing poetry, and I figured a camera and poems go hand in hand,” he said. “I have written 500 poems so far since 2005. I never had much luck with paint, so I decided to take on photos.”


Both of his images talk of the love in springtime on Canadice Lake.


“I always love to go there,” Finch said. “There is nothing there to distract you.”


“When I work on my poems I leave photos behind, and when I work on photos I leave poetry behind,” Finch added. “I can’t focus on both at once.”


Syrena Carver said this was her first time in the Dansville ArtWorks gallery as well.


“I have always been interested in art,” she said. “I painted a space mural on my son’s bedroom wall. That was the first thing I did that was artistic.”


Carver added she is ready for the warmth and beauty of springtime.


“This is what I think of when I think of spring,” she said. “The lost sheep is a painting I did from some inspiration I found in church. There is unfrozen water and buds on the trees.”


The featured artists in Spring Awakening are Nicole Alioto, Debbie Betts, Emily Bowers, Leanne Brewer, Syrena Carver, Samantha Davis, Christine Ferrigno, Terry Finch, Bettina Frost, Jeanne Gridley, Theresa Kurtz, and Sarah Smith. It runs from April 6 to May 26.