DANSVILLE — Dansville Central took part in a remembrance for the ones who lost their lives in Parkland, Flor.


Each of the 17 victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Flor. were honored on March 14.


Dansville Central clubs helped to put the event together during the National School Walkout Day.


Instead of walking out of the school the Dansville High School put together a ceremony.


A Dansville High School student came up with the idea when they heard about the violence that happened to 17 innocent people.


Dansville High School Principal Thomas Frazier and Superintendent Paul Alioto approved of the ceremony.


“Our students make me proud every day. Today was yet another occasion when they raised the bar. Our kids stepped up and demonstrated leadership, empathy and compassion. There were no politics and no disruptions,” Alioto said. “They respectfully sought permission from their principal to stand and remember those lives who were so loved. They went a step further to remember other students who live in areas where gun violence is a daily threat. Our students are growing into the kinds of adults who just might solve the problems we face today.”


Alioto said that 17 balloons would be released in order to honor the victims.


There were photos and some information of each victim on display with 17 pink heart balloons. There were 17 students who chose to take part in releasing the balloons. Followed by a moment of silence.


Frazier took a moment to thank all of the students for coming out to be part of the remembrance.


Some information was sent out by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office to let parents know their children would be safe during this historic day. There were several deputies available at the schools for extra protection. The ceremony was to take place all over the nation from 10 to 10:17 a.m. to honor all the lives lost last month.