WAYLAND — State Police are continuing their search for a missing teenager.


Kathleen Miller, 17, of Wayland was reported missing on Monday morning from her home on Route 21. She is described as a white female, 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighing about 130 pounds.  She was last seen wearing a blue Buffalo Bills sweatshirt, unknown color leggings, black sneakers and she was carrying a flower duffel bag.


Wayland State Police Inv. Mark Villone has been assigned this case. Villone told Genesee Country Express that a woman reported driving her to a bus station in Hornell on Monday night.


It is believed the teen is heading to Binghamton where her biological mother lives.


“Her biological mother has a place in Binghamton. We believe she is on her way to see family,” Villone said. “We are still running down leads. We have not been able to find her yet.”


On Feb. 19 she was reported to be left at the Hornell area around 6:30 p.m.


On Feb. 21 she was reported seen in the Dansville area at the Salvation Army. This lead turned out to be false.


“She was said to be in sight in the Dansville area,” Villone said. “People think they see someone who looks like Miller. Those leads did not pan out.”


Villone said they want to make sure this teen is safe and sound.


“We have her most updated photo out there, and the family has continued to look for her,” he said. “I have talked to her (adopted) mother (Jamie) several times.”


As far as Miller not having any money or warm clothes on her, Villone said he hopes there were clothes in her duffle bag.


Binghamton State Police have not seen her or had any reports of her as of Friday.


Villone said all of the troops are made aware of the case, and are keeping an eye out for Miller.


“The more eyes on her the better,” he said. “I hope we find her soon.”


Jamie (Amato) Rachow, Miller’s adopted mother sent out a plea Friday morning on Facebook.


“I am so worried and scared for you. I just want to hear your voice to know that you are ok and safe.I know I am not a perfect mother but I want you to know that I love you and miss you.
Please come home so we can complete your birthday plans we had even though it will be late. We were planning and a mother daughter day. Besides we had plans on finishing the paperwork you wanted, along with signing your delayed entry for the military and getting your permit Wednesday. Please let me know you are okay. PS: You 7-year-old, brother is crying and begging to see you. We love you and miss you.”


Anyone with any information please contact NYSP at (585) 398-4100, or call 911, and refer to case number SJS 8087882, and Jamie’s phone 585-474-6472.