WAYLAND — State Police are searching for a teenage girl who went missing from her home on Monday morning.


On Feb. 19 at about 9:28 a.m., the New York State Troopers from the Wayland barracks received a report of a missing person by the name of Kathleen Miller aka Valerie Angel Amato, described as a white female, 17, 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighing about 130 pounds.  She was last seen wearing a blue Buffalo Bills sweatshirt, unknown color leggings, black sneakers and she was carrying a white duffel bag.


An update has been made that she is now wearing a dark hoodie and carrying a flower bag.


She was last seen in the area of Walter Kurtz Road in Wayland and on Feb. 21 she was reported seen in the Dansville Salvation Army parking lot.


Miller’s biological mother lives in the city of Binghamton, and a claim was made a woman gave her a ride to a bus station in Hornell to go there.  


Jamie (Amato) Rachow said the only update she was given on Thursday afternoon was that her adopted daughter may be en route to Binghamton.


“I was told a woman picked her up on Walter Kurtz Road and drove her to the bus station in Hornell,” she said. “Kathy has no money to go anywhere, so I don’t understand why the woman wouldn’t bring her home or to the police.”


There have been a lot of false reports made to the family and the police involving the whereabouts of the teenager, according to Rachow.


“We were told she was at Watkins Glen, so we drove up there today (Thursday) to look for her, and it was a false report.,” she said. “I have had several people call me and tell me they have seen here when they haven’t. We were in Dansville all day (Wednesday) looking for her. We didn’t find her there.”


Miller does not have a phone on her or any money. Rachow said she had been bullied at school for having a rough past, and she was being homeschooled since October 2016.


“I was going to take her to sign up for the military on her birthday (Wednesday) since she wanted to help people,” Rachow said. “She was hoping to join the military and after that get money saved up for college. She wanted to be a social worker to help kids like her. I have had her for four years, and I have her little brother as well.”


Rachow said she came from a really bad environment, and she doesn’t understand why her daughter would want to go back to that.


“The only thing I can think of is why she would go back to her real mother is that she has a little sister there,” she said. “She has always been worried about her little sister being in that environment. She has had no contact with her real mother since I brought her here.”


Rachow said that she hopes that Kathleen is safe where ever she is, and that she comes home soon.


“There has been no reports she is in Binghamton yet,” she said. “Please just try to find my daughter and bring her home.”


Anyone with information, please contact NYSP at (585) 398-4100, or call 911, and refer to case number SJS 8087882. Also contact Jamie Rachow at 585-474-6472 if you have any information about her daughter.