DANSVILLE — The students at Dansville Primary School collected 1,325 items total for several organizations in need.


Dansville Primary School Principal Dan Dixon welcomed students, teachers, and community members to the School Give Back event on Feb. 16.


“All of these classes and grades collected items for people around town,” he said. “We are proud to be able to give to those in need.”


The students collected cleaning items for The Vincent House, comfort items for cancer patients Jen’s Comfort Bags, hats and gloves for Open Door Mission, warm socks for C.A.N.N., and care packages for soldiers.


This was done in celebration of 100 days of school, and to honor the community these students come from.


“You all did a fantastic job looking out for each other,” Dixon said. “You helped by collecting and donating all of those items.”


The Dansville Rotary Club donated books through a grant to all of the students, so they can get caught up on reading over winter break.


The student leaders were very grateful to have brand new books to read over winter break, and for their ideas on making the community a better place.


For Hometown Heroes and Students For Soldiers Cheryl Quibell reached out to U.S. Army Spc. David Rosell, of Wayland and U.S Army Recruiter Sgt. Joeseph Coburn, of Dansville to collect the items.


“I always thought about joining the army,” Rosell said. “I thought it would be really good for my future.”


“I was raised in a really patriotic family,” Coburn said. “I was old enough to remember Sept. 11, and I was a really angry kid about that. I stayed angry, and I wanted to help. I was raised to love our country.”


Coburn’s little brother is in the U.S. Air Force.


Quibell said that she works with the Hometown Heroes and Students For Soldiers on Memorial Day and Christmas.


“This has been huge for us,” she said. “We send all of these items off to the legion, so they can send the care packages to those in need.”


Quibell has family in the military as well, so she does this to honor them.


Anyone interested in having their military loved ones as part of Hometown Heroes needs to contact the Dansville American Legion. Quibell is also asking that you let her know about your loved ones in the military, so she can add them.


Dylan Knights, of Dansville has just retired from the service, but he was unable to make it to the event.


Coburn’s platoon needs a pick me up with the care packages, so some of them are going to the Ukraine.


“I was in the Marine Corp for several years, but I wanted to come home to my family,” Coburn said. “I realized that the military is where I belong. I was given an opportunity to serve at home, so I took it to be close to my family. I am now a recruiter stationed in Geneseo.”


If you are interested in joining the U.S. Army give Coburn a call anytime at 585-905-9517.