COHOCTON — This unique library is a place for community outreach as well as reading.


Cohocton Public Library Director Phil Trautman gave Genesee Country Express a tour of what the vision is for the library.


“We are creating a community center on the one side of the library,” he said. “This used to be a stage room for furniture. The drop ceiling and LED lights are last year’s project.”


Trautman said that as stewards of the town’s tax money they wanted to make the library a magnificent place.


“We have a goal to open a workshop in the basement someday,” he said. “The community members want to have this place opened up for events. We have different things happening here throughout the year. Our mission is to be the place people come for a community center.”


Cohocton doesn’t currently have a community center. The Cohocton Lion’s Club helps a lot, and they have a pavilion by the Larrowe House. The churches in the area open up for different things as well.


“We want to fill that gap as the community center,” Trautman said. “We will continue to add onto what we are doing here.”


Jessica Biddle-Caster does the Tail Wagging program at the library once a month.


“This is where kids can come and read dog themed books to the dogs,” she said. “We are raising money for the Hornell Humane Society at the Dansville Tractor Supply too.”


Biddle-Caster has done this for at least eight years now, and she has many dogs at home.


“My first male dog I had really loved working with the kids, and being out in the community,” she said. “Just because a dog is big doesn’t mean he is scary, and we wanted to show kids that.”


Biddle-Caster does her program at schools, libraries, hospitals, and nursing homes.