DANSVILLE — The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and Dansville Police Department called off the search for a missing Dansville youth Wednesday morning.

Evan Sinsebox, 15, of 30 Liberty Street was found at 48 Seward Street at about 6 a.m. Wednesday.

The news of his safe return elated the entire Dansville community that had been up all night searching for him. It came over the police scanner a little after 6 a.m. that Sinsebox had been found and returned.

Sinsebox had gone missing around 6 a.m. Tuesday on Chestnut Avenue. Dansville School Resource Officer Deputy Robert Holt was among the local law enforcement that searched fields, woods, streets, and buildings all day and night for the missing teen.

Holt had told Genesee Country Express the teen went missing after a party at a friend's house Monday night. He had last been seen entering a shed at 6 a.m. Tuesday. Sinsebox had injured his hand.

Holt assured the family and friends that Sinsebox was not in any trouble, and everyone just wanted him home safe.