Mt. Morris — Over 180 people attended a presentation to hear the results of the commercial district analysis completed on Livingston County’s nine downtown districts. The event was a culmination of a process that began in July of 2017 when the Livingston County Development Corporation (LCDC) received a New York Main Street Technical Assistance Grant from the New York State Office of Community Renewal.


Following receipt of the grant, LCDC engaged Larisa Ortiz Associates to complete a physical diagnostic of each downtown, interview stakeholders, conduct public meetings in the communities, and conduct a county-wide retail market analysis as well as an analysis for each downtown community. The analyses included retail leakage and surplus data, demographic data and psychographic data.


In October of 2017, Ms. Ortiz spent two days travelling the County and meeting with more than 130 stakeholders, residents, business owners, elected officials, etc.


On Feb. 6, Ms. Ortiz presented her findings and recommendations to the public at a free event at the Genesee River Restaurant in Mt. Morris. After Larisa presented her findings and recommendations attendees broke into nine groups by community to discuss priorities for their downtown. Top priorities were reported back to the whole group and included: addition of wayfinding signage, Retail attraction program, public art on Main Street, parking lot upgrades, downtown façade and building rehab (see Sign and Façade flyer attached)and promotion and events partnership.


Feedback on the event was overwhelmingly positive. Surveys indicate that people left feeling inspired, encouraged and motivated. Many suggested bringing this group together on a regular basis and indicated that they’re looking forward to continuing the conversation.


A 120 page summary of findings was produced and is available online:


A 29 page document of recommendations was produced and is available online:


A facebook group has been created to keep the conversation going and make people aware of any follow-up meetings.