DANSVILLE — There was a much greater turnout for the third annual Juried Photography Exhibit than in recent years.


Many participants were putting themselves in the art community for the first time, while others had done this before.


Dansville ArtWorks had 20 amazing photographers at the opening on Feb. 2.


Richard Engelbrecht, of Conesus, has been in the photography business for a long time, and you may have seen his work around the area. However, he has never brought that work to Dansville ArtWorks.


“I always look forward to these kinds of things,” he said. “I think having these types of places to go brings people to the town. A place like this is needed in every little town. The arts never go away.”


Engelbrecht is always very impressed with the talent he finds in these small towns.


“There is so much talent in this area,” he said. “All of this work could easily hang in the galleries in New York City.”


John Adamski, of Dansville, has been into wildlife photography for many decades now.


“I am honored to be here,” he said. “I think this provides good motivation to get people to come in and share their talents.”


Nicole Walker, of Livonia, has been interested in the beauty of photography for awhile now, and this is her first time being in an art gallery.


“I got addicted to taking photos,” she said. “I like to take a drive down the road and see what catches my eye. I am very honored to be here. I have never put myself out there like this.”


Walker enjoys taking her photos at Letchworth State Park.


“We are so lucky to have such beauty around us,” she said. “You can’t take a bad photo at Letchworth.”


Travis Snyder, of Lima, is a retired US Army Veteran of the National Guard.


“I started taking photos after I returned from my second deployment in Afghanistan,” he said. “I started taking landscape photos. Now I do portraits and weddings.”


Snyder said he got his first camera in 2013 and is completely self-taught in the field.


“I can do whatever I want and go explore with my camera,” he said. “I took this photo of the fire truck at the Geneseo Warplane Museum.”


Snyder joined his father’s same unit after he retired from the National Guard. He did two tours in Afghanistan, and by the second he had all men in his generation. His first deployment in 2008 was with men he had known most of his life from his father’s unit.


Snyder is pleased that the art center exists in Livingston County since there are not many places for local people to go.


Brandi Bishop, of Dansville, was in the first Juried Photography Exhibit.


“My girls encouraged me to come back and submit my work,” she said. “I love to take photos, and it is something I do to relax. My favorite thing to do is take photos of bird from my porch.”


Bishop said that it is great to encourage people to come out and submit their work in the art center.


“It is great opportunity to learn and grow from each other,” she said. “Dick Thomas has shared some tips with me on photography.”


Bettina Frost, of Wayland, is a first time art participant as well, and has enjoyed putting herself out there.


“I have been taking photos for years, but I only share them with friends and family,” she said. “I love to come to these shows and see others work. I am honored I was chosen.”


Frost loves to capture the moment in her photography.



The winners of the Third Annual Juried Photography Exhibit are as follows: Third Place, Mark Corwine, of Andover; Second Place, Richard Engelbrecht, of Conesus; First Place, Bettina Frost, of Wayland, and People’s Choice is Travis Snyder, of Lima.


This year’s exhibit artists in the Juried Photography Exhibit are; John Adamski, Nicole Alioto, Debbie Betts, Brandi Bishop, Ron Cook, Mark Corwine, Samantha Davis, Carol Deltoro, Richard Engelbrecht, Salome Farraro, Bettina Frost, Jeanne Gridley, Paul Holubek, Jeff Miller, John Retallack, Travis Snyder, Larry Tetamore, Dick Thomas, Anthony Tremblay, and Nicole Walker.