DANSVILLE — It was a step of faith that led a local woman to open a massage therapy store in her hometown.

Deep Roots Massage Therapy Owner Sarah Werth said the massage therapy field is becoming very popular, and this area needed a certified massage therapist.

Werth held her grand opening on Jan. 20 with much support from the community.

“I hope to be able to work with the cancer center in the near future,” she said. “I need to get a special certification for that.”

Werth began getting massages on a regular basis to help with muscle recovery, and she wanted to bring that to Dansville.

“It is a great way to help your mind and body,” she said. “I named my store Deep Roots, because all of my family roots are in Dansville. Dansville will always be my home.”

Werth offers the Swedish Massage, for relaxation and well-being; Deep Tissue, more intense for physical therapy and rehab; and Stress Relief, for neck, shoulders, and back.

Strike Back Martial Arts Owner Adam Lowrey leased the back of his shop to Werth for the massage therapy business.

“We have mutual friends, and they asked me if I wanted to use this for my shop,” Werth said. “They are wonderful people. The whole process took me about six months. I took this space, because I loved the stone. I wanted to blend the old and the new. It gives the nostalgic feel of Dansville.”

Deep Roots Massage Therapist Kelsey Trybushyn said she became friends with Werth while at school, and was asked to join her at the store.

“I had traveled for awhile and now I am back in West Sparta,” she said. “I want to do more with skin therapy. I took a class on energy healing as well. It is important to offer different things.”

Trybushyn said this is great for the Dansville community.

“I moved to Colorado after college, traveled to South Asia, New Zealand, and Australia,” she said. “Massages were so cheap in Asia that I was getting them every day. The Thai Massage is very popular. I loved them and the culture. I love being home even more now, because I got to see other cultures.”

Trybushyn loves the way Werth set up the store, and it gives people the feeling of relaxation.

“The prices are accessible here,” she said. “It is super important to make them accessible to benefit the community. They will keep coming back.”

For now the store is open by appointments only. You can set them up any day of the week but Thursday. You can reach Werth at 585-369-6782 or Trybushyn at 716-474-5329 to set up an appointment. Deep Roots Massage Therapy is located at 2 Ossian Street. You can also set up an appointment via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Deep-Roots-Massage-Therapy-162160564393450/