WAYLAND — Noyes Health has a special donor for the past four years who has given close to $2,000 total to the Ann and Carl Myers Cancer Center.


Blake Zastawrny, 15, of Wayland started wanting to give back when his grandmother, Sherry Angelo, of Springwater, had Breast Cancer. Although,  Angelo is a cancer survivor Blake lost his grandfather, Michael Essex, 80,of Georgia, recently to Bone Cancer, and his favorite Piano Teacher, Karen Kurtz, of Wayland to Throat Cancer.


Zastawrny sold bracelets and lanyards this year at Cohocton Fall Foliage to raise money. He begins raising money in the fall to give to the Cancer Center. This year he raised $410.


Sherill Essex-Zastawrny, Blake’s mother, told Genesee Country Express all about this wonderful and caring young man.


“We usually do really well every year,” she said. “He really loves doing this. It was a tough year for us, but we still did it. He goes door to door, and they have a booth for him by the Noyes Health table at Fall Foliage.”


Essex-Zastawrny said they did a tour for them at the Cancer Center, and it meant alot to her son to see what they do there.


“Blake is amazed by the radiation machine, and what they do to treat people there,” she said. “It really opened up his eyes to what they do. It gave him an idea of what his Pappy (grandfather) went through. He wants to find a cure for cancer. He used to want to be a doctor, but now he wants to be a scientist, so he can find the cure for cancer.”


Essex-Zastawrny said she hates that cancer is the number one killer, and it causes everyone so much pain.


“What people go through when they have cancer is awful. They lose their hair, suffer weight loss, lose their voice, are nauseous all the time from chemo, and it is tough on the whole family,” she said. “I will keep up the tradition when Blake goes to college. I know he will get involved in something like this there.”


Essex-Zastawrny said that everyone knew Blake at Noyes Health, and they made his whole day.


“He is a genuine kind-hearted kid,” she said. “Blake is a lot like my dad and his grandmother.  He has been very close to both of them. It meant alot to us to see the Cancer Center. I would like to donate some of my time to the Cancer Center.”


“Blake doesn’t give a set price for the donations,” Essex-Zastawrny continued. “He writes something up about his grandmother, and the passion he has about helping people. He will add sweatshirts with the bracelets next year. He pays for half of the items, and I pay the other half. The teachers love that he always wants to help someone.”


Essex-Zastawrny said that she is very proud of her son, and knows that he will continue to make a big difference in the world.