DANSVILLE — The concept of bringing arts and crafts to the community is a passion of one downtown store owner.


Tish’s Treasures Owner Tisha Welch had her dream turned into a reality when she opened the store on 154 Main Street a few months ago.


Welch offers something unique at her store that has already captured the hearts of the creative community.


There are craft classes available at the store every Wednesday at 6 p.m. and every other Sunday at 3 p.m. If you bring five of your friends then your class fee is waived. The costs of the classes depends on the crafts.


Welch was recently asked to do these kinds of classes at the Dansville Public Library as well.


“There are a lot of people who enjoy my crafts,” she said. “I get ladies that enjoy making crafts, and keep coming back to my classes. I supply the material for the crafts, and show how to make them. I am open to anything.”


Welch said she makes her items reasonably priced.


“I try to make the prices reasonable for people,” she said. “People tell me they love my store, and they are glad there is a store like this in Dansville.”


Welch calls her store Tish’s Treasures, because it is everything she loves to do.


“I did this out of my home for the last 10 years,” she said. “I would go to Cohocton Fall Festival and Winter in the Village.”


Welch just picked up a pencil one day and began to draw. This allowed her to express herself creatively. Now she makes lovely wreaths, winter apparel, mason jars decorations, signs, and other woodwork.


Welch mentioned that her mother used to work at the store she is know in when it was owned by the Wood Family. It was a meat market in those days, and Welch recalls visiting it as a young adult.


It has come full circle for the family now that Welch has turned it into a crafts store, and her family continues to help her.


“This has always been my dream,” she said. “I looked at eight different places. As I looked through this window I knew I would rent the store. The next day I had the keys in my hands, and I was working on getting it ready. Now I will see how we will do in a year.”


“I am not here to make a lot of money,” Welch continued. “I am here to give people a place to go if they need a gift, or a place to make crafts. This is what I have always wanted.”


There is an old-fashioned vibe in the store with the barn wood, candy bar, and wooden artworks.  


“I couldn’t of done this without my family,” she said. “They have been a huge help. I slowly built this up from the money I made on craft classes. This is a place for us all to come together to create. I put so much of myself into this store. People have been saying a lot of nice things about it.”


Welch has a few local people on consignment at her store as well, and that has been nice for her.


“I am open minded to people coming in and giving me ideas,” she said. “People are always proud of what they can make in my classes.”


Welch always says, “In your own world if you can be anything, be yourself.”


“More and more people are looking for places like this,” she said. “My mom raised me to care for the people. I give a lot of myself to help others. My family has been there no matter what.”


Jennifer Kelley, Welch’s sister, and C. Jayne Kelley, Welch’s mother, have been a constant support.


“Dansville is a beautiful town,” Welch said. “I see more and more people are shopping local, and keeping the focus on the town.”


Tish’s Treasures is located at 154 Main Street. It is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. It can be reached at 585-519-5056. Welch will be open on Small Business Saturday on Nov. 25 and Winter in the Village on Dec. 2.