ALFRED — Fitting a deer shaped object into a round hole isn't all that hard, getting it back out again is the trick. 

That's what Alfred State College grounds crew and Village Department of Public Works personnel found out as they worked in tandem to rescue a deer from a predicament on Thursday. 

A good-sized six-point buck became lodged in the channel that carries sewage from the college's agricultural facilities to the village, near the intersection of Glen Street and County Route 244.

"One of the Alfred State employees happened to be going from the lower part of the farm to the upper part on a tractor, saw the lid was off, went to replace it, looked down and saw that the deer was down there and alive," Police Chief Paul Griffith recalled. 

Around noon-time, Alfred Village Police responded to the situation.

It is suspected that the cover became dislodged during mowing of the area, or during maintenance.

The deer fell an estimated 6 to 7 feet down the shaft.

Crews from the college and village called in some heavy equipment, and set to work. 

"They all worked together, got a tow strap around the deer, and hoisted it up," Griffith said. 

Putting up only a little struggle, and happy to be out of the sewer tunnel, the deer was freed, and seemingly in good physical health considering the circumstances. 

"It didn't look like it was down there that long," the chief speculated. "It wasn't in bad shape." 

As soon as the deer was unstrapped, it took off like a bolt of lightning for the adjacent open field.

While wildlife encounters are not uncommon in Alfred, Thursday's experience gave everyone involved a unique story to tell. 

"I've been around here 21 years, and I've never seen anything like it," Griffith said.

A video of the ordeal, captured by Jami D'Arcy, was posted the college's Facebook page and Youtube channel for public viewing.