WAYLAND — It is almost time to light up the trees and bring on holiday cheer.


Wayland American Legion Post Commander Kevin Mark knew it was time for a change with the old Christmas Tree.


Mark purchased the little tree from Steuben Landscaping last spring, and had it planted across the street from the legion at Quinlans.


“The old Christmas tree was in the yard on the side of the legion,” he said. “It was hard to get too, and was really muddy. We wanted a more central location.”


Mark said the new location for the new Christmas Tree is perfect for the Winter in the Village.


“It will be easier to get everyone around that tree,” he said. “It is more community centered there. You will be standing on blacktop and cement. It will be easier to keep it clean, and get the lights up.”


The grounds and streets crews were privileged to do a lot of work getting this tree ready. The men who made this happen are Kenny Wallace, Terry Mehlenbacher, Mat McCarthy, Brian Buttons, Don Stephens, and Ed Ryan. The Wayland American Legion thanks them for their hard work.


Wayland Mayor Mike Parks said this was a great project to be a part of.


“We wanted to help put the Christmas Tree up,” he said. “The old tree needed to come down at Quinlans. The street guys took down the old tree, and wanted to make sure all the roots were pulled up from underground. We didn’t want them doing any damage to the sidewalks.”


Parks said the tree may be small, but come our holiday cheer it will serve its purpose.


“I know the legion will take good care of the tree,” he said. “We wanted to help on this project. Now we can shut down the streets, and light up our Christmas Tree across the street.”


Parks said his guys cleaned up the area and cemented around it. The actual tree planting was done by Steuben Landscaping.


“It is at a good spot now, so everyone will be able to enjoy it,” he said. “We put power into the tree, and made sure all the lines were secured around it. Now the legion can put the lights up, and plug it into the base of the tree.”


Mark said since the mayor helped out with the tree this year it will be the legions honor to have him be the first one to light up the new tree.