LIVINGSTON COUNTY: Car crashes involving deer are very common in this neck of the woods, so be on the lookout, and avoid catching those deer in your headlights. 


Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty would like driver's to take extra precautions while traveling throughout the county.


"Currently, the deer mating season, also known as "The Rut”, is underway, and there has been a large increase in deer activity during the daylight and evening hours. The Livingston County Sheriff's Office has been taking numerous reports of car deer collisions every day, especially in the hours immediately before and after sunrise and sunset," he said. "However, there have also been crashes reported during the midday and night hours as well. As the rut progresses, the deer activity will also increase, and drivers are urged to use caution in their travels."


"Some steps that may be taken are reducing your speed on the roadways, giving yourself extra time to arrive safely, keeping your attention on the roads and areas around roadways for animal activity, and watching out for other cars," Dougherty continued. "If a deer runs out in front of your car, obviously try to avoid it, but do NOT swerve into oncoming traffic or crash into trees or other objects to do so. A car deer collision can cause a significant amount of damage to any vehicle, and can also lead to injuries and death of the vehicles occupants. So please, reduce your speed, be alert, and arrive alive."