Long ago when I was just a little girl Halloween wasn’t practiced so much.


For several reasons we were not big into the famous fall holiday.


I think it is for that reason that the handful of times I went trick or treating really stands out in my head.


I was about four or five years old when I first went trick or treating.


As you can tell by this photograph I was a darling little princess. In my trick or treating experience I was a princess, ghost, Native American, witch, goddess of death, and possibly a clown. 


It was exciting to run from house to house and gather treats. The plus side to being a little kid was that adults gave you handfuls of candy. You could take that candy home, and eat it until you got a stomach ache.


A childhood Halloween is something that stays with them for the rest of their lives. Even when they are considered too old to trick or treat.


My little brother, Liam, was more involved with the trick or treating. He would go to the houses I considered to be a serial killer’s lair and take whatever creepy candy he was offered.


When we lived in Wellsville I recall going trick or treating maybe once or twice. That was considered spooky as well, because the time we lived there it was not safe to trick or treat.


There was a lot of crime on Halloween, and after my mother saw that on the news that was the end of trick or treating.


Although my time dressing up and gathering free candy was brief it is something I reflect on fondly.


My first and only college party was a Halloween one, and I put a lot of time and effort into my costume. I was the goddess of death, but after a couple of hours it became a beautiful black dress with smudged cheap Halloween makeup. 


I recall going to a couple of friends Halloween parties as a young lady, and it was the same story. My costume expertise did not last very long. I went as a witch and ended up as a exhausted pale faced woman with a purple wig and a black cape. 



As a reporter I can appreciate the effort these young people put into dressing up for the Halloween parades, trick or treating, and other fun spooky activities.


It brings me a lot of inner joy to walk in the parades as I take photos of unique costumes. To see the children light up with joy that I pay attention to their cute efforts at being creepy critters.


I have always been fascinated by the haunted houses and haunted hayrides, so as I got older I would think about exploring the creativity of the haunted community.


However, I have yet to go into a haunted house or do a haunted hayride. Maybe next year!


Nowadays I just binge watch horror films the entire month of October, and I buy candy at discount when the holiday is over.


I wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween.


(Jasmine Willis is a reporter at Genesee Country Express)