DANSVILLE — This year’s focus on Fire Prevention Week had a children’s film playing at Star Theater.


The film “Planes: Fire and Rescue” was a big hit with the local children this year. About 37 tickets were sold.


Dansville Fire Chief Glenn Camuto said there was a magic show at the Star Theater as well as the film. The children were able to focus on the magic show and the movie.


The Fire Prevention Trailer, Fire Extinguisher Test, Hook and Ladder Truck, Dansville Fire and Rescue Truck, House Fire Display, and the giant 100-foot-ladder was available to show how important fire prevention is.


“Even if we reach just one kid that is nice,” Camuto said. “We built a little house with wooden flames, so the kids can take turns with the hose and out out the flames. We had Sparky come around with stuffed animals for the kids.”


Camuto said the idea is to teach kids to get out and stay out during a fire.


There are about 45 active members at the Dansville Fire Department. They still want to do the Junior Firefighters Program.


Around July the Dansville Fire Department works on putting this important week together. The Dansville Fire Department also went to Dansville Central, Dansville Head Start, and a daycare center to teach fire prevention.


The Dansville Fire and Rescue Truck is a top notch fire truck. It has everything they need for public rescue. One side has the rescue equipment, and the other side has the fire equipment. You can have about eight firefighters in the truck at a time. It is the most used truck in the field, and goes to a lot of car accidents.


Camuto said that this truck has been a lot of help for the fire department, and they got rid of two other trucks to get it.


There is a 911 Machine at the Fire Prevention Trailer that was helpful in getting children to understand the importance of fire safety.


Over the years the donations to the fire department have helped a lot with fire prevention supplies.


“We like getting out to the community, and showing what we have,” Camuto said. “My guys are very dedicated. Whatever is given to us in donations goes right back into the community to help educate people on fire safety.”


Camuto wanted to thank everyone for all of their help in Fire Prevention Week, especially Edgar Schmidt for opening up Star Theater for them.


The Dansville Fire Department helps surrounding areas as well, so Ossian, Sparta, West Sparta, and Wayland often call for backup.


Bryce Walker of Dansville is the newest addition to the Dansville Fire Department team. Walker was helping a lot during Fire Prevention Week too.


“All of our members are good people,” Camuto said. “They are the heart and soul of the fire department. You are only as good as the guys you have behind you, and I have a great bunch of guys helping me. None of this is possible without their dedication.”

If anyone is interested in being a volunteer they can get an application at the Dansville Fire Department located at 11 Franklin Street. Applicants must live or work in Dansville.