DANSVILLE — There are simple joys in a small act of kindness.


The Dansville Lions Club has a handful of members who took it upon themselves to make quilts for foster children, the Santa’s Hat Society, Alzheimer's patients, and soon the cancer center.


Janice Infantino created Pieces of Hope after she went to a conference in Chicago.


“We have a small group of Lions Club ladies that meet at my place, and we make quilts,” she said. “I went to a conference in Chicago where they talked about a Lions Club making benefit quilts called ‘Quilts for Victoria’ and I thought we could do this.”


The Dansville Lions Club has only been doing this for a few months.


“This is an evolving project,” Infantino said. “We have four already, and hope to have more soon.”


Infantino has sewn for most of her life. She started with her grandmother and sister, who have both passed away now.


“I was taught not to waste anything,” she said. “This project is a good way to use up my supplies.”


Infantino said the Pieces of Hope project is something to be really proud of.


“I am very proud of the project, and the ladies that help me make these quilts,” she said. “We have come together with the same creative goal. I wanted to do something more than shows and fundraisers. We accomplish a lot when we all come together.”


Some of the future goals of Pieces of Hope is to make some quilts for the cancer center and Rinkers Readers.


“When someone has a benefit it is great to give them a check,” she said. “I want to give them something more than money. They will have this quilt, and every time they look at it they will know someone cares about them.”


The motto of this new project is, “Thread hope through the community with pieces of hope.”


Infantino said they can strengthen the club by touching people’s lives through this project.


“I get to see how far the club can touch people’s lives,” she said. “Right now we are doing it as a group, but if I had to do it alone I would. I will continue to do this as long as I can. It is a great stress reliever for me.”