(Editors note: We had a wonderful talk with Mr. Jon Shay, and that part of the story will appear in next week's edition) 

DANSVILLE — McCarthy Tire will be closing its Dansville location, and moving to Horseheads by the end of the year.


All of the 33 employees at the Dansville location have been offered jobs at the new location near Elmira.


McCarthy Tire Marketing Director Colleen Carter told Genesee Country Express that this decision comes from the family-operated company purchasing a building in Horseheads. The tire service company has been leasing the property in Dansville for years.


“In early July we purchased six new stores, and one of them is in Horseheads,” Carter said. “All of the employees at the Dansville location have been offered jobs in Horseheads.”


The Dansville location has offered tire service work to average people off the road, but in the new location they will only be working on commercial tire service.


“We are very pleased to have the new location in Horseheads,” Carter said. “With this new location we will strengthen the passion for this business in New York, and along all the major highways. This will make our presence that much stronger.”


Carter said the company has been very pleased to be in Dansville, and have a wonderful relationship with the people there.


“We have been very pleased to be in Dansville, and think it is a wonderful community,” she said. “We have been able to service our customers there. We love Dansville, and have enjoyed being a part of that community.”


Since this has always been a family-operated business the company values their employees very much, Carter added.


“We hope that all of them come with us to the new location,” she said. “Dansville has always been a great place. We value them so much.”


LMC and R&M Holdings owns the property McCarthy Tire sits on as well as Foster Wheeler. It is unclear what will happen to the property once McCarthy Tire moves.


For more information on McCarthy Tire visit http://www.mccarthytire.com/