DANSVILLE — The Dansville Travel Center had a special car show fundraiser for the Hornell Humane Society on Sept. 9.


Dansville Travel Center employee Sherrie Donohue likes raising money for non-profit organizations.


A couple years ago they had a car show for the Rochester Children’s Hospital. This year they wanted to focus on a local organization.


“I chose the Hornell Humane Society, because I really like what they stand for,” Donohue said. “We love car shows too, so we got ahold of some of our friends and asked them to bring their cars. We know a lot of classic car owners. So we wanted to get them together to help with non-profit.”


The Dansville Travel Center plans on doing this again on the same weekend after the Dansville Balloon Festival to help Juvenile Diabetes or the Wounded Warriors.


Jim Schleich of Dansville drove his 1993 Honda Civic to the car show with his nephew, Noah Schleich’s artwork.


Noah Schleich of Dansville got his start in airbrush art when he was in the Mount Morris Boces auto shop program.


“I have been doing this kind of art for about four years now,” he said. “I learned this kind of art at Boces. It takes me about three to four hours to do each piece.”


Schleich loves doing this kind of auto body work. Airbrushing vehicles is his favorite kind of art. He also works on a canvas.


“I did another vehicle to advertise at the Mount Morris Boces with flames and an auto trade banner,” he said. “I love doing this kind of art the most. My uncle let me do the Joker on the hood of his car. I want to do about six more Marvel characters on his car.”


Schleich said he really loves doing the black and white photos the most.


“I find the photos online and work on sketching from them,” he said. “It is kind of like being a tattoo artist only I am doing this on a car or canvas.”


Schleich said he would like to enter more of his work into car shows like this.


“I have gotten really into it in the last year, and I would like to enter more car shows,” he said. “I also want to be in the Dansville Artworks, and have my own shop.”


Schleich is also up for anyone recommending things to him for their vehicles or a canvas.


“I think it would be more fun if people recommended what they would like me to do for them,” he said. “This is all free hand work. I sketch out the image to have a basic outline. I airbrush it with all the details.”


Dansville Expressive Ink has hired Schleich to work on different things for them during Halloween; such as costume airbrushing and even a Zombie wedding.


The love for airbrushing started in about 2009 when Schleich started doing designs on bikes.


Schleich has won prizes for his work in the SkillsUSA competitions Boces put on.


His work varies in prices due to length and time spent on them; anywhere from $40 to $80 or canvas work.


“Nobody else does this kind of stuff here, so it would be really cool to have a shop,” he said. “Some of the guys here at the car show want me to do something on their cars.”


If you are interested in Schleich’s artwork you can reach him at noahsart687@gmail.com.


Hornell Humane Society Director Mary Nisbet said she was very grateful that Donohue chose them this year.


“It is very important to get the animals out there, so people can see them,” she said. “I hope we got a lot of them adopted today.”


There is a low cost program at the shelter for the community. There are so many cats and dogs that need a good home.


“The shelters are having a hard time taking in anymore cats, because we have so many kittens,” Nisbet said. “We do what we can with the animals. All of the animals are spayed or neutered, have been dewormed, have all their shots, and are ready for adoption.”


Nisbet added they are looking for Foster homes as well for the animals at the shelter.


“We can only have a limited number of animals at the shelter, so we are literally saving lives if we get good Foster homes for them. They would take the animals until we had more room at the shelter. We would provide everything for the animals, and all they would need to do is give them a safe environment.”


There is a thorough background check that happens when you want to adopt or foster a animal in order to ensure the pet is going to a good home.


“We encourage people that are looking for a certain breed of dog to fill out an adoption form, and we will let them know when we get that dog,” Nisbet said. “There are a lot of people who want to save a dog, but they want a specific kind of dog.”


For more information on the Hornell Humane Society visit http://www.hornellanimalshelter.org/