DANSVILLE — It was a perfect weekend for Dansville as the NYS Festival of Balloons kicked off, and three businesses opened downtown.


Dansville Artworks, Every Body’s Yoga Studio, and Spinnanagans  are partnering up to bring the community mind, body, and soul connection on 153 Main Street.


Kate Drake owner of Every Body’s Yoga Studio started out in Occupational Therapy. Drake suffers from back issues herself, so she can understand. She works on all different kinds of yoga.


“I wanted to give back to the community, so I started doing yoga classes in my church,” she said. “Lost Lake Gallery opened here, so I volunteered in order to use the space for my yoga classes. After a contest with my students it got the name Every Body’s Yoga.”


Drake mentioned how the great change came when Shannon Mays bought the building.


“In yoga we talk about constant change,” she said. “We talk about becoming a better person.”


Six of Drake’s students went on to be yoga teachers and call her their mentor.


Mays started her Spinnanagans classes in 2015 after take some spinning classes herself.


“I loved taking spinning classes. I got certified and bought the spin bikes,” she said. “It took off like wildfire.”


Mays had just gotten back from a World Spinning Conference in Miami. She is very excited to be working with Drake and Dansville Artworks.


“We were getting main street to notice we were a yoga studio and a spinning class,” she said. “Artworks wanted more space, so I moved the spinning classes upstairs. It is my pleasure to work with all of them.”


Dansville Artworks Board President Nicole Alioto said she is thrilled to have the new space, and she is looking forward to working with Mays and Drake.


“It blends well as we focus on mind, body and spirit,” she said. “We focus on a mission of healing, inspiration, and wellness. Everyone is excited about this. When one business is successful the whole community is successful.”


Alioto said it was bittersweet to leave the old space behind, but everyone still supports each other.


“The next phase is to encourage growth,” she said. “This goes beyond one building. This is a community.”


Alioto is proud of the art collections they have up for the Fall Exhibit. There are also lovely Dansville Balloon Festival art pieces.


“When you look at the exhibit you see a reflection of Dansville, Livingston County, and creative arts, which is the spirit of Artworks,” Alioto said. “I love that all the fall submissions are bright and colorful.”


Alioto wants to try something new where people can bring in art that is important to them to share even if they hadn’t made it themselves. The Dansville Balloon Festival exhibit is a good example of that.


All three business are located at 153 Main Street. For more info on Spinnanagans go to https://www.facebook.com/spin153main/ For more info on Every Body’s Yoga go to http://www.everybodysyogastudio.com/ For more information on Dansville Artworks go to http://www.dansvilleartworks.com/