DANSVILLE — The community gathered at Star Theater during the Dansville Balloon Festival weekend to watch a local made documentary about the wine industry.


Finger Lakes Museum and Aquarium had the idea to put on this documentary in order to show the growth of the wine industry in the Finger Lakes Region, and how it all got started.


John Adamski of Dansville had a lot to do with getting this documentary off its feet, and several experts came together to shed some light on this important part of our region.


Star Theater owner Edgar Schmidt was kind to donate his theater to part one of this rich tale.


There were some pillars of the village that were there to show their support such as Mayor Peter Vogt, Dansville Central Superintendent Paul Alioto, and Dansville Chamber member Thomas Wamp.  


The documentary entitled "Dreams Into Nectar: New York's Finger Lakes Wine Story" was very well put together, and has caught the interest of PBS. They want to make it go national once the second part comes out. The second part is said to be out sometime next year.


"Dreams Into Nectar: New York's Finger Lakes Wine Story" takes us to the heart of American wine. Once the Europeans came to settle here and saw wild vines growing along the shores of their new home.  


It took them awhile to master the new territory, and enhance the grapes to make the best wine the world would ever see.


The documentary touches on how the Women's Temperance Movement and Prohibition would threaten to very life of the wine industry.


It goes on to talk about how several local  wineries survived the impossible. They fought invasive species threatening to destroy the vineyards, battled the Prohibition Act, and even went against the elements. In the end we got fine grape juices, rich wines, and ripe grapes to sustain us.


Director Gary Cox guides us through the journey of Finger Lakes wineries, and helps us understand the success stories of the local wineries who have been around since the beginning.


Adamski thanked everyone for their support in the end, and asked if anyone would like to be a sponsor or donate to the rest of the documentary they can go to https://www.fingerlakesmuseum.org/