WEST SPARTA — The highlight of an old fashion festival is the passion that the community puts into it.


Double T Training and Ranch Founder Trista Teitsworth was back in the saddle on her favorite mustang known as Boss Hogg during the West Sparta Old Fashioned Days on July 29.


In 2014 Teitsworth performed during the Extreme Mustang Makeover and was able to keep her first mustang. Boss Hogg has become a member of the family, and always behaves well during events. In 2015 she performed at the mustang event with Miz Tizdale, and that mustang was purchased there.


Teitsworth said she wants to get the message out there of the importance of rescuing these beautiful wild horses.


“There are so many left in holding centers (about 40,000), so it is good to get the message out there about the mustangs,” she said. “I like that I am helping to educate people about these horses.”


“It is a really good experience and reward in the end,” Teitsworth continued. “Once you gain their trust you have a friend for life.”


Teitsworth enjoys these event, because it gets the word out about mustangs.


“It is great to bring him to events like this,” she said. “It shows how easy going they are.”


Having spent most of her life around horses, and training them since she was 15 years old, Teitsworth will continue to have mustangs for as long as she has a place to put them.


“I love that I got to keep my first mustang,” she said. “It was heartbreaking when I had to sell Miz Tizdale, but she is living with a little girl in New Hampshire now. You don’t realize the kind of bond you are going to create with these horses until you start training them.”


All of her mustang names come from the famous “Dukes of Hazzard” and Teitsworth said they make great names for horses.


The mustangs won’t last long if we let them roam free in the west, so the holding centers are meant to give these majestic animals a second chance.


Teitsworth will visit others and teach them how to train their horse when she has time. She offers on site training, on site riding lessons, and colt training. To get in touch with her about these things you can go to doubletraining@gmail.com.


The National Warplane Museum came to West Sparta Old Fashioned Days for the first time to display a replica of a World War II era Navy plane.


Baa Baa Black Sheep 033 was used by the Marines during our greatest generation. These small planes were typically used for training, and could land on aircraft carriers.


NWM Historical Interpreter Jodi Beyer was in 1940s period clothing and presenting the replica to the public.


“The man who built this replica loved his experience at the museum, so he left it to us,” she said. “He put the names of the people he knew on the plane as a way to remember them.”


Beyer said she was happy they came out this year to show what the museum has to offer.


“This is my favorite era. My dad was in the Korean War, and it was his love for airplanes and history that got me involved in the museum,” she said. “I stayed involved after he passed. He was a long time member of the museum.”


The replica is used for parade floats and events like this to bring awareness to the era and museum.


“It is fun to bring history out to the public,” Beyer said. “The veterans open up and reminisce about their memories.”


The Wagon Rides were a big hit as always, and it provides the festival goers with a glimpse at the beauty of the area.


The Overland Morgan Horse Farm provided the unforgettable memories for children as they got to pet little animals and have free pony rides.