GOP race for clerk in Hornellsville, petitions challenged in Hartsville

Nearly a full slate of Republicans, along with one Conservative Party candidate, have turned in petitions for the 2017 town elections in Hornellsville.

After the dust cleared from last week’s late scramble to file nomination petitions with the Steuben County Board of Elections, a Republican primary for Hornellsville town clerk appears to be in the offing for September.

In the town Hartsville, meanwhile, about a dozen candidates filed petitions with the Steuben elections board, although some hopefuls face legal objections to their petitions.

In Hornellsville, petitions were filed for the following positions:

Supervisor: Republican Dan Broughton. He is a current councilman who also serves as deputy supervisor. Broughton’s board seat is also up this year.

Veteran Hornell Supervisor Ken Isaman, also a Republican, is not running again.

Clerk: Republican Sharon A. Ames. She is currently town tax collector and deputy town clerk.

Clerk: Republican Jessica LaFrance.

With no objections filed to either candidates’ petitions, Ames and LaFrance will face each other on Sept. 12 in the Republican Primary. Incumbent Republican Sheryl Isaman is not running for reelection.

Superintendent of Highways: Republican Jason R. Emo, the incumbent.

Councilman: Republican Ronald E. Kennell. A current member of the board, Kennell is a former deputy supervisor. He had a change of heart about running for reelection. Last year he said he would not return to the board after his current four-year term ends on Dec. 31.

Councilman: Dr. Richard Andolina Sr., Conservative Party.

Voters will fill two Hornellsville council seats in November’s general election.

Democrats choose town candidates in Hornellsville through a party caucus. The date and time of the caucus has not been announced.

Some other notable towns and candidates who filed petitions:


In Hartsville, the following candidates submitted petitions.

Supervisor: Republican John A. Bowles, the current supervisor, and Republican Duane Howe. 

Clerk: Republican Kay F. Miles and Republican Vivian Woolworth.

Justice: Democrat Katherine Burdick and Democrat Stuart Perks.

Councilman (two will be elected): Democrat Randy H. Amidon, Democrat Jerry Bush, Republican Russell M. Gerow, Republican Larry Newhart.

Superintendent of Highways: Democrat Darwin E. Miles and Independence Party candidate Darold L. Getman Jr.

Perks filed objections to the following petitions: Darold L. Getman Jr., highway superintendent, Independence; Vivian Woolworth, town clerk, Republican. Russell M. Gerow, councilman, Republican. John A. Bowles, supervisor, Republican.

A July 26 hearing date has been set for all the objections. There appears there will be a Democratic primary for justice, while GOP primaries for supervisor and clerk depend on the outcome of the objection to Woolworth's and Bowles' petitions. 



Councilman (two positions open): Republican Gerald Stewart.


Supervisor: Republican Michael D. Willis. Clerk: Republican Nancy L. Moir. Justice: Independence Party candidate John J. Senka and Republican Monte Trimble. Councilman (vote for two): Republican Robert Mahany, Republican Theodore Robinson, Republican Shelley Stauring. Superintendent of Highways: Republican Ray W. Acomb, Republican Lloyd Collins, Republican James J. Roosa.


Supervisor: Republican Emily M. Murray

Clerk: Republican Susan M. Peck. Councilman (vote for two): Republican Dean Kiefer, Republican Frank E. Owens, Republican Cindy Smith. Superintendent of Highways: Conservative Lee A. Pyer.