The National Weather Service met with an Allegany County official Friday and confirmed that a tornado struck part of the county a day earlier.

County Office of Emergency Services Director Jeff Luckey said he toured the damage on property on county Road 16. The damage was in West Almond and reportedly Angelica also.

“On Friday morning I toured (West Almond) with National Weather Service and they confirmed it was a tornado,” Luckey said Saturday. “They requested additional information and they also went back to the office in Buffalo … to determine the level of the tornado as E-1. They went back and looked at the radar again.

Luckey said Weather Service confirmed the tornado after viewing the damage and checking the radar back in Buffalo. He said an E-1 tornado is the lowest tornado level.

Luckey said he also went to survey damage on Wesley Road in the Rushford and Caneadea areas that the Weather Service hadn’t seen.

He said he took pictures and plans to send the Weather Service the pictures and information Monday morning.

On Thursday afternoon, Tennile Hadaway, who lives on Route 16 in Angelica, said she watched the tornado form. Hadaway was having a yard sale that day.

“I was watching it out back and it just happened. It was really quick. It was crazy,” she said. “As soon as it hit, I had a canopy out back, it flipped it right over. it was amazing to watch.

“It knocked stuff over. All the vases, all the glasses (which were out for the yard sale), anything that could hold water was full of water,” Hadaway said.

The Route 16 resident said she was at home with three of her four children. A friend, Rachel Stephens, and two of Stephens’ children were there also.

“My friend and I were taking pictures until it (the tornado) started turning towards us,” she said. “We have a room in our basement that doesn’t have any windows. That’s where we hung out for a little bit. We didn’t want anything to do with it until it passed.”