CONESUS — The Conesus Lake Arts and Crafts Show is centered in the historic Long Point Park.


Long Point Park was a favorite family destination point for many decades. Jan Schur started the art show as a way to bring back the magic of Long Point Park, and help out the Conesus Lake Association in 1993. It has been going strong ever since.


“The Conesus Lake Association is all run by volunteers, so the money from the art show goes to helping with projects on the lake,” Schur said. “I started this because I love to make crafts, and I love being around people.”


Schur recalls the importance of Long Point Park being the place where family gathered to have a good time.


“I taught my kids how to roller skate here,” she said. “My kids used to do the little boat rides.”


If you were alive before the late 1980s and lived in the area chances are you went to Long Point Park for roller skating, rides, games, picnics, swimming, boating, drive-end flicks, and good food.


It is for these memories that many still come to Conesus Lake Arts and Crafts Show, so they can have a small piece of that back. Nowadays the park comes alive in the third week of July every year.


The arts and crafts are from local people who use the show as a way to get themselves known.


Livonia author David Smith has loved writing horror stories since he was a child, and has become a successful horror genre author over the years. Smith is a Canandaigua Elementary School teacher, and has written several children’s books that his students enjoy. His latest is a book that helps children learn how to write stories, and guides them into being an author too someday.


Smith said he has always been inspired by authors like Stephen King and Dean Koontz. His work tends to follow that type of story telling.


“Horror is a fun genre to write about. It is challenging and creates a good atmosphere for storytelling,” Smith said. “I enjoy setting the mood for the story. Growing up I always loved a good horror story. All the good ones made me feel like I was there.”


“Stephen king has a great way of developing his characters. He has a Charles Dickens sense of people and personalities,” Smith continued. “King brings out realistic people in his books, and you end up rooting for them as they battle the demons and ghosts.”


Smith used this as a platform to create his own characters, and like his mentor he enjoys making sympathetic characters that you end up rooting for.


“There is an art to writing a story,” he said. “You have to paint a picture in the minds of the readers.”


Smith’s newest book he is working on is called “Curse of The Witch” and it is about a Salem Witch that escapes and comes back to wreak havoc on the descendants of Salem.


Mr. E Photographer Richard Engelbrecht has done amazing work with capturing the beauty in the area.


“I live in the Finger Lakes, so that is what I enjoy taking photos of,” he said. “I love taking the off season photos the best. I spend a lot of time at Letchworth Park.”


Engelbrecht added that he looks for those iconic photos.


“I have been taking photos my whole life, but I have been doing this kind of photography for about eight years,” he said. “Every year I get better doing this.”


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