Trial of Iryn Meyers adjourned until Monday

BATH — The murder-arson trial of Iryn B. Meyers was adjourned Thursday after a defense attorney had emergency overnight surgery, a Steuben County Court official said.

Brenda Smith Aston, the chief Conflict Defender for Steuben County and an attorney for Meyers, was admitted to Guthrie Corning Hospital for a severe stomach infection and had surgery at 1 a.m., Thursday, according to Smith Aston’s Facebook page. According to her social media post, Aston Smith may remain in the hospital “a few more days” to receive IV antibiotics to fight off the infection.

The Steuben County District’s Attorney’s Office and defense attorneys had agreed to seat six jurors on Wednesday, which was the first day of the trial. According to a Steuben County Court official, jury selection was adjourned until 9 a.m., Monday. When jury selection resumes, attorneys will continue to question potential jurors from the first panel called for the trial. The initial group included about 175 jury candidates. Another panel is scheduled to be brought in Monday afternoon, if necessary, the court official said.

Eight more jurors are needed, including two alternates.

Meyers, 38, has pleaded not guilty to all charges, including second-degree murder, first-degree arson, attempted insurance fraud, falsifying business records and conspiracy. All the charges are in connection to the death of David N. O’Dell, who was was killed Feb. 15, 2016 in a structure fire at his residence on New Galen Road in Wayland.