COHOCTON — This local gem is reinventing how we see small businesses.


Ninety-Nine Bottles of Wine is nestled within the historic treasure known as “The Davis House” in the outskirts of Cohocton.


Ninety-Nine Bottles of Wine Owner Meredith Towner said this is a dream come true for her.


“We try to keep it all local,” she said. “We want some wine you can’t find anywhere else.”


Towner changes up the wine tasting menu every week to give people an opportunity to taste the best of the wines she has to offer.


The one-stop-shop for the Finger Lakes wines also offers gifts for children, jewelry, wine products, logo T-shirts and wine glasses.


There is something for everyone at Ninety-Nine Bottles of Wine.


“We just added the gift shop with stuffed animals so that the kids can come in here and play while the parents are shopping for wine,” Towner said. “Most of our gifts are made locally.”


Towner said they have been very busy since they got their liquor license in November.


“We are adding wineries as we go,” she said. “I won’t sell a wine unless I have tasted it myself, and can tell my customers if it is good. It is nice, because I can tell them I have tried every single one.”


The most popular wines so far are Lakewood Vineyard’s Abbey Rose and Hunt Country’s Sweet Gus.


Towner loves the fact that people come from all over to get wine and gifts at her shop. It gives a community feel to the store.


After going to a wine show in Geneva, Towner was able to reach out to a lot of wineries in the Finger Lakes.


“If we are out of the wine they want we can recommend them to others in the area that sell it,” she said. “I want people to be able to have their favorite wine.”


“I think everyone loves coming to this area because it is so beautiful,” Towner continued. “We are on the wine trail map now, so we will be drawing in a whole crowd of people who enjoy wine tasting.”


Towner’s great-great-grandmother Julia Collins watches over the customers as they walk into the historical structure, Towner said many people think she is an original member of the Davis Family. However, she is just a sweet old lady that means a lot to the owners.


“Everyone loves her,” she said about her great-great-grandmother. “She just fits so well there.”


Ninety-Nine Bottles of Wine logo can be found on wine glasses and T-Shirts that are for sale.


“Being able to taste the wine before they buy it makes a big difference,” Towner said. “When people spend their money on wine they want to know it is good.”


Towner grew up in Naples, so she has always loved the smell of crushed grapes. This adds to her ability to know what is good wine and what isn’t.


“It takes about three years to get a business off its feet,” she said. “We are doing very well in our first year.”


The price of the wine goes from $7.50 to $23.50 a bottle. Towner mentioned that this is good for the local people, and it focuses on the quality.


“I have a wine book from my grandmother who made all sorts of different kinds of wines,” Towner said. “There are so many good ones already out there, so I don’t think we will be making our own wines.”


“Anyone who is interested in selling their wines at Ninety-Nine Bottles of Wine can feel free to reach out to us,” Towner concluded. “We are happy to have people request their favorite wines too.”


Ninety-Nine Bottles of Wine is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. They are closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It is located at 62140 State Route 415. They have an update of wines on their Facebook