NORTH COHOCTON — The Green Heart of the Finger Lakes has really taken off since its birth a year ago.


The Olde Country Store and More is celebrating its second anniversary, and the success of the new logo “The Green Heart of The Finger Lakes.”


This favorite German/American tradition is becoming a household name in the small community.


The Olde Country Store and More Owner Jeffrey Wells told Genesee Country Express what to expect at the event July 8 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


“We are thrilled we have lasted this long,” he said. “We work hard on this on a daily basis, and have reached two years so far.”


Wells mentioned how some business owners won’t celebrate every year they are open, but for this family-run business it is something to celebrate.


“People don’t usually celebrate every year,” he said. “Nowadays it is a good idea to celebrate every year.”


The newest item to be unveiled at the event is The Green Heart of The Finger Lakes Beer made in the authentic German way by NEDLOH Brewery of Bloomfield.


Only the best ingredients from both worlds will be used to create what will be known as The Green Heart of the Finger Lakes Beer. Imported German malt and yeast as well as German Sterling Hops grown in Rush. This is only the beginning of an amazing fusion of flavors, captured in the crystal clear glacial water from Canandaigua Lake. Not only “Made in America” but “Made in the Green Heart of the Finger Lakes.”


Wells said they can now sell beer and wine-mixed products at the store.


“We can’t sell full body wines, but we can sell wines that are seven percent and less,” he said. “We can sell the beer in the store.”


Olde Country Store and More just got a batch of The Green Heart of The Finger Lakes wine glasses, and now have to wait for another batch to come in. They are very popular items to go with the new logo.


“Everywhere I go I see The Green Heart of The Finger Lakes logo,” Wells said. “There are more and more stickers on cars and magnets. People are coming in and asking for them.”


Now the store has everything from coffee mugs, wine glasses, necklaces, T-Shirts, water bottles, to thermal bottles with the logo on them.


There will be an outdoor kick-off as the family grills authentic German sausages, and provides authentic German potato salad and sauerkraut.


“Jenny and Denise are from Germany and they will be using their grandmother’s German potato salad recipe,” he said. “We will be selling packages of the German sausages in the store as well.”


Although there will be wine and beer tasting along with lots of music and a cook-out there are still things for the children to do, such as face painting. There will be a lemonade stand to collect money for the veterans at the Bath VA.    


“This year we are bringing everyone together for one day, and spending it with friends, family, neighbors, and customers,” Wells said. “We need a little more of this in the community these days.”


Wells said that there are first generation Germans who come into the store, and are very happy to talk to his daughters in German.


“We have first generation German based customers who know we sell a lot of German items in the store,” he said. “They come in speaking German and it makes the girls feel like they are close to home.”


Bill Paulus and Ralph Hamilton of Dansville will be hosting an open-mic acoustic jam on the front porch, so anyone is welcome to grab a banjo and join in.


The Olde Country Store and More is located at 2 University Ave.