DANSVILLE — The Dansville Trout Derby had their second year of helping the Noyes Hospital.


The Dansville Trout Derby was organized and ran by Cheyenne Markowski, her family, and fellow Dansville Central high school students on April 22. Once everything was in order they presented the check of $13,100 to the Ann and Carl Myers Cancer Center at Noyes Hospital on May 19.  


Geoffrey Markowski, MD, Cheyenne’s father has helped his daughter out immensely through this project, and believes this was a special donation. 


Suzanne Markowski, business teacher, Cheyenne’s mother, helped get the Future Business Leaders of America on board with the project.


There were 200 brown trout stocked in Canaseraga Creek, and three of them were caught. All the fish left in the creek, and donations from the community added up to $13,100 for the cancer center.


“It is a wonderful thing for the community to come together for the hospital,” Cheyenne Markowski said. “So many people came out for the derby. There are so many people who have been affected by cancer. They have loved ones who have cancer or have cancer themselves and survived it. They used to have to go to Buffalo or Rochester to get cancer treatment everyday. To have the cancer center in Livingston County is really great.”


Suzanne Markowski was deeply touched by all the stories she heard at the derby of all the people who have been affected by cancer.   


“It really gave the derby purpose,” she said. “It really hit me how important this cancer center is.”



Despite the frigid cold there were about 200 people out there fishing for a great cause and 65 of them were children.


Noyes Health Public Relations Director Mary Sue Dehn said that although Cheyenne is graduating Dansville Central this year she has laid down a lot of the groundwork to keep this derby going in the future.


Cheyenne Markowski said she wanted to donate to the cancer center this time around, because so many people have to deal with cancer in the area.


“This is a strong part of the hospital,” she said. “It is so sad that so many people have to deal with cancer.”


Noyes Health President Amy Pollard said that there are about 65 to 70 cancer patients a day at the cancer center.


Suzanne Markowski said no one is immune from cancer.


“The one thing stronger than fear is hope, and this brings hope to the community,” she said.


“Everyone said yes to allowing us to use their property,” Suzanne Markowski continued. “They wanted to help with this great cause. We were extremely successful. We wanted to help serve our community. We have always taught our daughter to care for her community as well.”


The Markowski’s received about 85 donors and sponsors for the derby.


“The generosity in this community is amazing,” Suzanne Markowski said.


Pollard said that the donation is wonderful and she is excited to see the youth get involved with the hospital.


“We have to involve all of the generations,” she said. “Cheyenne is a beautiful example of helping to make a difference in the community. They can be proud they helped get the cancer center started. I would like to get the group a tour in the cancer center soon.”


Jon Shay was there to help accept the donation check to the cancer center.


“Unfortunately cancer is an easy sell,” he said. “So many people have been affected by cancer. It makes you appreciate life and what you have.”


Shay said that what Cheyenne has done is a great thing to do, and gives many thanks to her and everyone who came out. He wishes there were more like her at the school.


Dehn added the money will be used for the ever growing process in keeping the cancer center running.