GENESEO: A Dansville man is facing multiple charges after a motor crash on West Lake Road. 


Shawn Schledorn, 40, struck several parked cars with his jeep.   


On May 19, the Livingston County Emergency Communications Center (E-911) received a call reporting a motor vehicle crash on West Lake Road in the Town of Geneseo. The caller reported that a vehicle had struck several parked cars.


Deputy Shawn Whitford arrived on scene and observed that a Jeep had struck two parked cars. Schledorn was interviewed and a DWAI investigation ensued.


Following the roadside investigation Schledorn was arrested for Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs.


A DMV check was conducted which showed that Schledorn's privilege to operate a motor vehicle was revoked due to a prior DWAI Drug offense. A criminal history check showed that Schledorn had two prior felony convictions and three prior convictions for Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs.


Deputy Connor Sanford, a member of the Sheriff's STOP DWI Unit, was contacted and responded to conduct a drug evaluation, as he is a certified Drug Recognition Expert.


At the conclusion of his evaluation, it was Deputy Sanford's expert opinion that Schledorn was under the influence of a CNS Stimulant and a Narcotic Analgesic.


Scheldorn was charged with Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs as a felony, first-degree Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (felony), and several Vehicle and Traffic Law violations.


Scheldorn was turned over to Central Booking Deputies at the Livingston County Jail for processing and pre-arraignment detention. The District Attorney's Office recommended Schledorn be held without bail due to having at least two prior felony convictions.


Schledorn was arraigned in Geneseo Town Court before Justice Houston. The Judge did remand Schledorn to the custody of the Sheriff without the possibility of bail. Schledorn will be held at the Livingston County Jail until further court proceedings.


Assisting on scene was Deputy Scott Patterson of the Forensic Identification Unit and Road Patrol Sergeant Matthew Orman.