Steuben County officials are preparing for the winter storm, which will affect the region over the next couple of days. 


As we prepare for the potential heavy snow, local officials want to remind residents to be prepared, and use common sense during the storm. 


"Currently there are no travel bans in place, but the potential does exist that travel bans or advisories can be issued in the future based upon forecast conditions," Sheriff Jim Allard said. "If you must travel during the storm we urge motorists to use caution; slow down and leave plenty of room between vehicles. Give the plow operators plenty of room and remember to move over for emergency vehicles." 


"The major concern for tomorrow into Wednesday will be the heavy snow, but also the winds," Emergency Services Director Tim Marshall said. 


There will be winds of 15 to 20 mph with gusts of 30 mph and with heavy snow this could cause poor visibility. 


County Manager Jack Wheeler said residents are urged to prepare for the storm. 


"Now is the time to prepare. Make sure your snow removal equipment is fueled and ready to go. Make sure you have enough supplies on hand so you don't have to venture out during the storm," he said. "We are checking our equipment today and preparing for tomorrow. Our plow operators will be out during the storm, and we ask that residents do their part to make sure they can do their jobs." 


Steuben County social media pages will keep residents updated as this storm heads our way. For travel conditions call 511. Please do not call 911 unless it is an emergency.