DANSVILLE — A deep fryer caused a big fire at the local McDonald's around 8:35 a.m. Monday. No one was injured. 


Livingston County Emergency Management Director Kevin Niedermaier said the Dansville Fire Department attacked the fire along with Perkinsville, Wayland, and Sparta fire departments. 


"A deep fryer caused the fire and no one was hurt," he said. "Everyone in the building was evacuated in an orderly fashion. All of the employees were accounted for. The Dansville Fire Department did attack the fire. Perkinsville and Sparta fire departments were on scene to help." 


Dansville Assistant Fire Chief Brian Wood said the fire department got the call around 8:30 a.m. for a grease fire at McDonald's. It started after employees heard a loud bang, and saw the deep fryer ignite. 


"There was dark smoke coming from the fire vent. I could see a large fire inside coming from the fire station," he said. "The restaurant was evacuated, and they were all out when I got there. I requested a second alarm. It brought two more (fire) departments. The second alarm brought Sparta, Wayland, and Perkinsville."   


"We extinguished the fire quickly. We checked the building for fire extinction," Wood added. "The whole fryer and the wall behind it were damaged. There was a whole lot of smoke and water damage. It was a matter of putting out the actual fire, and the grease continued to burn. The health department was contacted, and they responded to the scene." 


There was one person checked for smoke inhalation, but they were treated on scene by the Dansville Ambulance. 


The deep fryer is completely destroyed, and it will take a couple of weeks at least to fix all the damage. 


"I used a chemical extinguisher when I arrived," Wood said. "It knocked it down for about five seconds, but the grease was so hot it just started right back up. We use a chemical agent mixed into our water in the trucks and it helps rob the fire of oxygen faster. It means we use less water. It gets the temperature of the fire down quicker."


The Dansville Fire Department was able to fight and destroy the fire without using the other fire departments trucks.  


McDonald's is closed down for now due to fire and smoke damage.


"It is hard to say how long they will be down for," Niedermaier said. "They need to get a new deep fryer and clean up the building. They will need to get a health inspection before they will be allowed to open up again. It could take about a week."


McDonald's is not releasing a statement at this time.