WAYLAND — The Wayland Community Players put on a great murder mystery at the Wayland American Legion.


The Wayland Community Players have been dazzling audiences for almost 30 years. It all goes to a great cause. The Marylee Shappee Scholarship Award, Wayland American Legion Charities, Wayland Community Players, and the play royalties split up the cash. Last year a good chunk went to the scholarship.


The play entitled “Where There’s A Will, There’s A Murder” stars long-time players Mark May, Janet Heiman, Melissa Meyer, Ron Hill, Anne Heiman, Keryn Shaver, and Jody Tonkery. It also had great newcomers Casey Sick, Stacy Menz, Jessica Martin, and Laurie Baverstock.


They are looking for new actors and actresses to grace the stage in next year’s production. Anyone interested can contact Director Ron Hill at 585-953-9252 or Keryn Shaver at 585-943-8081.


As always the community enjoyed a nice dinner put on by the legion, and had lots of laughs and thrills watching the energy from the performers on stage.


It is a classic whodunit production that leaves you guessing until the very end. It throws in twists and turns as the characters become more and more vibrant.


Tonkery and Baverstock had great chemistry on stage as well as May and Janet Heiman. Meyer convinced us of her diva qualities as she is one of the original members of the team. Menz kept along with the flow of the others as she enjoyed making her dreams come true. Martin fit in like  glove taking the place of Shaver. Sick happily followed in her father’s footsteps. Hill was a loveable retro musician that touched all of our funny bones. Anne Heiman convinced us she was the number one suspect.


It is always a delight to watch this group command the audience, and allow us to engage in the world they create for us.


The original team players such as Tonkery, Meyer, May and Hill all knew Marylee Shappee, since she was the drama teacher. She had a special place in all of their hearts. This is a way to honor a great teacher, inspire the drama students to follow in their footsteps, and keep the magic of theater alive in the community.


The final showing of this year’s play is March 11 at 6 p.m. at the Wayland American Legion.