GROVELAND STATION — A family-operated restaurant comes back to their old stomping grounds.


Whistle Stop Cafe Owner Wendy Teeter has always wanted to open up her own restaurant. As she drove by the old Groveland Station Store on Route 63 she knew she had found the perfect place to make all of her dreams come true.


They had their grand opening on Feb. 24 and it was very well received by the community.


“I saw the for sale or lease sign on the store and I jumped on it,” Teeter said. “I used to cater for weddings and parties. I worked in a Livingston County nursing home for 14 years as a CNA.”


The classic film “Fried Green Tomatoes” inspired Teeter to name her place Whistle Stop Cafe.


“There were several things that inspired the name,” she said. “The movie Fried Green Tomatoes, the train station out back, and the fire department all inspired me. I have had people come in from all different towns.”


People can call in orders and pick them up or get them delivered. Delivery is within a 10-mile-radius of the restaurant.


Teeter said the process of getting this up and running was really quick.


“I am really happy with it so far,” she said. “My family and friends are helping me out.”


Teeter does all of the cooking herself, and her family helps with everything else.


“I am happy that I am getting a lot of company support as well,” she said. “I make everything from scratch. No canned or boxed food here.”


Teeter has a secret recipe for the breaded fish she does on Fridays.


Debbie Jacobs, Wendy’s mother, is very proud of her daughter. She has been helping her with everything.


“When I married Bob we lived in Groveland Station for a while and had our children here,” she said. “Wendy lives in Dansville now. Katelynn (granddaughter) lives in West Sparta. We are all scattered around the area. It is extra special to have the restaurant here. Wendy lived here until she was five years old.”


Jacobs mentioned the night before they opened there was a train in the distance welcoming them to the area.


“We were working in the kitchen and heard a train whistle getting louder and louder,” she said. “We were surprised that trains still run in this area. I didn’t think there were any still up here.”


The decor of the restaurant is trains, antiques, and old photos on the walls. It adds to the country restaurant atmosphere.


“We have known a lot of people who have come in,” Jacobs said. “It is like old home week.”


Jennifer Jacobs, long-time friend of Wendy, said that she deserves to be happy.


“I am very happy for her,” she said. “She deserves this. She has been through alot lately. This is a good thing for her. She has a good guy, kids, and family. It has been a long time coming.”


Katelynn Teeter, Wendy’s daughter helps with waitressing, cashiering, and cleaning. Mackenzie Jacobs, Jennifer’s daughter, helps with setting up tables and cleaning. Jacob Crocker, Wendy’s boyfriend, helps with everything as well.


Whistle Stop Cafe is located at 7412 Route 63, Groveland Station. They can be reached at 585-447-9066. The hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Friday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.; and Sunday 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. with breakfast buffet only. They are closed Wednesday.