WAYLAND —  Makenzie King will be packing her bags and flying to New York City to perform in Carnegie Hall with people from all over the world thanks to her community, family, and friends support.


A Bake Sale and Basket Raffle was held at Wayland Five Star Bank on Jan. 28 to help King reach her goal for her third trip to Carnegie Hall.


Tania King, Makenzie’s mother said she is very proud of her daughter’s success so far.


“She has worked very hard, and puts forth a lot of effort with school work and community service,” she said. “Mrs. (Brenda) Richey gave her private lessons, and became more than a teacher. She is a great family friend, and has stood by Makenzie’s side through all of this.”


It is mind-blowing to be in Carnegie Hall, and to see your own child perform with renowned artists, Tania King said.


“She was finishing eighth grade, and getting ready for her freshman year the first time we went. It was warm, and we got to do a lot in June,” she said. “Last year was still beautiful even though it snowed. We went down a week after they had shut down the city; due to the storm they had there. Now she is going on her own.”


Tania King feels it is good that her daughter gets to meet people from all over the world.


“It is great she gets to meet new people. These people come from other counties. They become life-long friends and understand each other's culture,” she said. “They each have their own gifts and talents. Even though they have a communication barrier; they can still communicate through music.”


This is why Makenzie is majoring in Special Education at Mansfield University, Tania King said.


“Makenzie is interested in doing a career in Special Education, because she sees how important music is, and the impact it can make on everyone,” she said. “She will use music in her classes.”


Makenzie King has done everything from Christmas Concerts to sports to working at the Wayland Food Mart. King is ready to enter the world, and this trip is her first time doing it alone.


“I am excited to go on my own for the first time,” Makenzie King said. “It is a good experience to get me ready for college. I am feeling really good about it, and I am ready to go.”


Makenzie King said she hopes that her story will inspire her peers to never give up on their dreams.


Mansfield University Choir may become a second home for Makenzie if she is accepted. This choir travels all over the world, and even gets to perform at Carnegie Hall.


“I hope this is not the last time I will be at Carnegie Hall,” she said. “I really hope that Mansfield gives me many opportunities to further my career. I would like to do daily music sessions with my Special Education class when I become a teacher. I will get to start observing classes my first semester at college.”


Susan Hart, Makenzie’s aunt, did a lot of baking for the fundraiser, and put together a lot of the baskets. Hart’s two daughters and husband helped as well. Patricia Granger, Makenzie’s grandmother was a huge help as well.


“I am proud of her for going to Carnegie Hall,” Susan Hart said. “It takes a lot of courage. She has a lot more guts than I do. I don’t think I could stand in front of everyone in Carnegie and sing. I wouldn’t have the courage to do it alone.”


Makenzie King thanked everyone who supported her dreams. She is looking forward to performing a small concert for those who donated $100 or more to her trip. Makenzie said she will do about five songs, and will share about her trip.