Tennessee Williams once wrote, “We all live in a house on fire, no fire department to call; no way out, just the upstairs window to look out of while the fire burns the house down; with us trapped, locked in it.”


As I made my return to the undisclosed location in Dansville to live out my ghost hunter dreams I noticed that there is something very interesting about the longing for answers.


It had been a couple months since the last time I was there.


The team invited me back for another go at solving the riddle.


The Wayland Paranormal Group had a new device that we got to test out as well.


It became clear that the spirits were satisfied with our last visit, and did not feel the need to make much of a fuss about our second.


It got me wondering about the world in which they see themselves in, and how it can possibly connect to ours.


Who are they?


What do they want?


Can they understand us?


Do they care?


All questions that you ask a hundred different ways throughout the process, and it is a let down when there are no answers.


In the films there are always twists and turns, the monsters always show their face, the ghosts haunt and the riddle is always solved.


In reality the ghosts tell you whatever they feel like telling you, and you are still left scratching your head about the mystery of it.


The highlight of the night was when we turned on the brand new device, and saw that there was some sort of presence in the room.


I could reach out and touch it, which left a cold tingle through the tips of my fingers and palm of my hand.


Maybe they confirm or disclaim things on their own time, and in their own fashion.


Maybe they are choking on the world they live in, and peeking into yours.


If you are patient enough you can get a little sliver of hope.


We all live in a house on fire.


No fire department to call.


No way out.


Just the upstairs window to look out of.


As we stand trapped; unable to get out.


Sometimes if you are very lucky someone reaches across time and space to touch your soul, and let you know that you are not alone.


There is comfort in knowing that when your time comes, and you feel yourself trapped in that burning house, you will have someone reach out and touch you.


(Jasmine Willis is a reporter for the Genesee Country Express)