DANSVILLE — Long ago there was a time when neighbors would come out and walk the streets of downtown to engage in friendly conversations.


It was a simpler time when everyone knew everyone, and chances are you were going to grow up to marry the boy or girl next door.


Although wars were still being fought, and young men were still being called to action this did not quiet the steady flow of human beings reaching out.


If you had a friend in need you left whatever you were doing and helped.


If you knew a family who had very little you would cook a little extra to bring over.


If you had a birthday, anniversary, marriage, funeral, engagement, or graduation the local store owners would put a special item in your basket, and a hug of condolence for the weary. They would congratulate the latest of the family line who graduated the grueling task of high school.


They would offer a congratulations to the happy couple and suggestions on what to do when the little ones come along.


This is what it meant to come from a small town.


The idea to bring this back to life came from Alice Burdick and her daughter Susan DeMuth. Thus began the “old fashioned street fair” that would become Winter in the Village.


“It is fun to see everyone,” DeMuth said. “It is a lot of work, but it is worth it to see everyone.”


It is a time to see friends, neighbors, and make new friends along the way. There are so many groups that come together to make this event possible.


The Dansville Lions Club, Dansville Rotary, Dansville Chamber, Dansville Ambulance, Dansville Fire Department, Dansville Police Department, C.A.N.N., American Red Cross Chapter One,Dansville Central, Dansville Public Library, Dansville GCC, and various other organizations and churches help with the event.


“There are so many large groups that come together to form a large event,” DeMuth said. “We always do it the first Saturday of December soi people know when it is coming.”


Dansville Artworks member Melissa Gartz said this event is an excellent way of bringing people into the area.


“Dansville has so much to offer,” she said.


Chances are you will still see the ice sculptures on the corners of Ossian and Main streets. You may still see the bus that needs to be filled by Star Theater.


The trees put up for Fantasy of Lights are decorated by various organizations and families in the area.


The mini-donkey and mini-horse in front of Dansville Artworks was as huge of a hit as Santa Claus himself at the art center.


As neighbors came to greet neighbors, and old friends got caught up on present events the town had a sense of wonder as everyone took back to main street for the famous wine walk.


For a moment that quietness of human beings reaching out was back.


For a moment everyone knew everyone, and spoke of the next old fashioned street fair. T


There were promises made to come again.


The streets were emptied, and the community braced themselves for the next event.