DANSVILLE — If you are in the mood for hot and ready pizza it may be coming sooner than you think.


The famous pizza chain Little Caesars is looking to come to Dansville. Anyone interested in joining the pizza revolution can be a proud owner by next year.


Little Caesars Franchise Development Director Ed Ader told Genesee Country Express he is looking for entrepreneurs in the area to send him applications.


“Dansville is one of those places that has an opportunity for a Little Caesars store,” he said. “We want someone local to partner with a well known brand. Everyone knows Little Caesars. They see our commercials all the time, so I am sure there is some demand in the area.”


“Dansville is similar to many other towns we are in across the country,” Ader continued. “We are looking for a local owner/operator. We are looking for someone who may be looking to do something different than what they are doing now. Someone who may already be in business, but is looking to diversify their business holdings.”


Ader added his franchise has opened more than 100 stores this year.


“We are still growing, and we are in all 50 states,” he said. “It could be a multi-store opportunity for someone in Dansville, because we can go into places like Hornell and Bath also. Someone starts with one store and grows from there. They usually average about four stores each.”


The idea was to have the store on main street, but it can be anywhere in Dansville.


“We just want to be convenient for our customers,” he said. “We are strictly carry-out, we don’t deliver, and we don’t have seating. That way we can keep our prices at that $5 dollar large pizza prices. We have hot and ready pizza, that is our niche. We want people to be able to get to us easily, get in and out easily, and if possible we will have a drive-thru window on our store also.”


Ader mentioned in the cold winters and hot summers it would be convenient to have a drive-thru window, so people could grab their pizza and not have to get out of the car.


Some new items to look forward to are pretzel crust pizza and stuffed crust deep dish.


Ader said they will interview people and look for the best place to put the store, and depending on the application process we could have a store by March of 2017.


“This is a good family business,” Ader said. “The original one has been owned by the same family for over 50 years. We have always gotten involved in the community, and a lot of high school or college students work with us when they are not in school.”


Little Caesars also helps feed people during natural disasters, such as the one we just went through with Hurricane Matthew.


“All of our stores provide the food, and we provide the trucks,” he said. “When Hurricane Katrina hit we were feeding people for four months straight.”


Anyone interested in opening up a Little Caesars can visit the website at http://littlecaesars.com/en-us/ and talk directly to Ader.