DANSVILLE — A giant male deer decided to make the ultimate breaking and entering at a local doctors office on Monday morning. 

 It was lunch time when the deer jumped into the office of Dr. Walayat Khan Dansville Internal Medicine on 92 Main Street. It shattered through the window and headed to do more damage at Liberty Street.   Dr. Walayat Khan's son, Bilal Khan, told Genesee Country Express the incredible story.    "It broke through the glass windows, jumped over the waiting room area (where patients are usually sitting and reading readers digest and what not) then walked into one of the rooms, realizing it was trapped decided to turn around and jump out the other set of windows breaking glass on the way out as well," he said. "Luckily there were no patients at time (as it was lunch break ) and the main secretary was out as well.  Also if the deer just made a right it would have damaged machines used to treat the elderly. Apparently the deer was injured as there was evidence of some bleeding on the glass."     "My mom and dad were in the house at the time and were not aware this was happening," Bilal Khan continued. "Luckily a very nice neighbor rang the doorbell, she told my mom what happened and they looked at the damage together. Another neighbor helped to clean up the broken glass."        Dr. Walayat and Tanvir Khan are just greatful that no one got hurt. They have lived in Dansville since the 1970s.     They also wanted to thank the friendly neighbors who helped. One of the many reasons why they love this town and why they raised their four kids (Samira, Siama, Anum, and Bilal) here.      Dansville Police were on scene.     "My sister Anum is convinced the deer smelled my moms good cooking and is the only explanation of why it would go head first into the glass," Bilal Khan joked. "The food is that good."